LGV Driver CPC – What You Need To Know Before 10th Sept 2014

CPCdeadlineHave You Fully Completed Your CPC Training ? If  You  Haven’t Yet Started Or Think CPC Isn’t Not For You, You Need To Read On Now…..

Q. Why do I need to do CPC ? 

A. It’s a legal requirement from 10th Sept 2014 that all professional drivers are required to have completed  CPC training.  Unfortunately you won’t be able to work from 10th Sept if you do not have a full CPC certificate

CPC does have some real benefits to you;

  • You will  find it easier to get work as companies will employ you first over someone who doesn’t have full CPC
  • We’ve had good feedback from our clients who have said that drivers who’ve fully completed CPC , CPC has been really beneficial  for those drivers. For younger drivers it’s an opportunity to learn something new and for more experienced  drivers it’s an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and brush up on the skills you already have
  • Another good thing about  CPC is it recognises and accredits your skills and knowledge and at the same time gives you a recognised professional qualification   

Q. Can I work without CPC?

  • From 10th Sept this year, unfortunately you won’t be able to work without CPC as it is a legal requirement. Not unless you fall under one of the exemptions. There are a small number of exemptions but basically CPC is now a requirement for all professional drivers, for example, you don’t need Driver CPC if the vehicle you drive is limited to a top speed of 28mph

 Q. How will CPC be enforced ?

  • CPC’s going to be enforced in a similar way to driving  licence enforcement .  The Police or VOSA will be doing checks once CPC becomes law in September and will be able to ask for proof that a driver has CPC status.  They will be able to issue appropriate penalties if you can’t prove you have completed CPC and you could get fined up to £1000 if you drive professionally without CPC

Q. Where can I do CPC ? 

  • The UK government has a list of approved training centres which offer CPC training
  • If you are a driver registered with Ten Live we have a great relationship with a local CPC training company who can help you arrange all your CPC modules and also have discounted arrangements, dependent on your employment status – call  Jackie in the finance team or Alyson in the driving team for more info on 01236 207 007

Q. What exactly is CPC ?

CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is a legal requirement (in addition to a driving licence) for lorry, bus & coach drivers who drive professionally in 2 parts;

  • An initial qualification for new drivers  (If you passed your test before September 9, 2009 you will have acquired rights and not need to do this)
  • Periodic training – all drivers will need to complete five days of training (35 hours) before September 9, 2014 to get a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). You’ll then have to complete the 35 hours of training every five years

It’s 35 hours of training = 5 modules & each of the modules is 7 hours long, there is no exam involved and so no pass or fail – you just have to attend the training.

Modules include; Drivers’ Hours &Working Time Directive,Road Sense & Awareness,Safe Loading of a Goods Vehicle,Operator Licencing & Compliance Guide,Transport Health & Safety,Defect Reporting,Fuel Efficient Driving, Tachographs, Emergency First Aid

 Don’t Delay – Complete Your CPC Now !

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