4 Reasons Why Your Application Wasn’t Successful

We’ve all been there: Seen a job which we like the look of, applied for it and either got the ‘You have been unsuccessful at this time’ or not heard anything at all. Let’s face it, it knocks our confidence and we think we’re not good enough (spoiler alert, you are more than good enough!)

Here are 4 top tips to make your application a successful one!


1.  Include A Cover Letter With Your Application.

If the role you’re applying for specifically asks for a cover letter, create one and send it! This can be the difference between hearing back for an interview or not hearing anything back at all. Recap our previous post here and make sure any future applications will have your wonderful cover letter attached!

2. Keep Your Application Real!

If you’re a Sales Assistant for a store, don’t put that you’re a Sales Executive unless you really are one. If you own an online business, say that you’re an Owner and not a CEO. Be brutally honest, they will thank you for it.

3. Short and Sweet CV

Make sure that your CV is only 2 sides of A4. All the contents of your CV should be brief and be relevant to the role that you’re applying for. Making a CV which is current, fresh and professional can be difficult. Canva is a great tool for making up your CV and is really easy to use. Stand out in a competitive crowd.

4. Avoid Applying For Multiple Roles In The Same Organisation!

This can be flagged up by online systems. So, the rookie error of not tailoring an application from one role to another is obvious and can result in not getting a reply for any of the jobs applied for. This will also scream that you’re desperate instead of passionate.

Also, if you get a rejection saying ‘You can apply again in six months,’ wait until seven or eight, use it as a cooling off period.

We here at Ten Live hope you have enjoyed our handy tips and tricks and wish you every success with your job hunting.

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