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Post 2017 General Election – Securing Jobs & Accessing EU Migrant Workers

Ten Live are the job industry experts to keep you regularly updated and guide you through the post-2017 General Election Brexit maze. Brexit – Current Government Stance On Brexit And Access To EU Migrant Workers During the recent general election campaign the UK Prime Minister stated that her government – rather than businesses’ demands for […]

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Top Tips For Excellent Customer Service

customer service

This week one of our logistics recruiters received a lovely thank you from a Ten Live candidate. It was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, sent as a token of appreciation for all the support and assistance she’d received to land a great new job. At Ten Live, our goal is to provide 100% excellent service […]

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What Does The Apprenticeship Levy Mean For UK Businesses?

Apprenticeship Levy

On the 6th April 2017 the UK government will roll out The Apprenticeship Levy. The aim of this new initiative is to help to fund 3 million places for apprentices by 2020, paid for by larger employers. Find out how this will affect your business. What is the Apprenticeship Levy? The Apprenticeship Levy is a […]

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Mobile operator Three raises its UK 4G/LTE game

Has mobile operator Three lit the 4G/LTE torch paper by last week pledging to offer its 4G/LTE services to existing customers as a no-cost upgrade when it launches its 4G/LTE network later this year? Should Three’s aggressive launch plan really come as something of a surprise to the UK telecoms industry?   Despite having first-mover advantage, […]

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Everything Everywhere (EE) shakes things up!

4G/LTE in the UK – the race is on  This week we saw Everything Everywhere (EE) aggressively slash its 4G/ LTE retail prices the day before its rivals made their first bids in the UK 4G/LTE spectrum auction. Is this an attempt to potentially spoil the plans of its rivals, as some analysts have stated; […]

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Ten Live visit to Dubai 24 – 30 January 2013

Ten Live visit to Dubai 24 – 30 January 2013 Ten Live’s managing directors, Joanne Telfer and Gary Telfer once again have the exciting opportunity to travel to Dubai to meet with a number of Ten Live’s global clients based in Dubai and also to meet with potential new clients. As a global recruitment and […]

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UK telecoms providers must look outwith the EU to source skilled 4G/LTE staff

Once other operators join Everything Everywhere (EE) and launch their 4G/LTE services in the UK in 2013, their success and the success of other 4G/LTE telecoms providers will very much depend on their ability to retain and motivate existing employees and to attract highly-skilled personnel.   UK telecoms providers should be asking themselves this question now –  why […]

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4G/LTE has arrived in the UK – at long last !

What is 4G/LTE ? 4G/LTE  arrived in the UK in 2012 when Everything Everywhere (EE) launched their 4G/LTE service in October 2012.  4G/LTE is the next step in the evolution of mobile data transmission technology (providing voice, text, web, data, e-mail video and superfast broadband services) and is the successor to the 3G and 3.5G […]

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Why non-financial rewards for employees are important for staff motivation and retention

Many companies feel strapped for cash right now and simply can’t afford to give the raises or bonuses that staff deserve.  But tough times don’t mean that you shouldn’t thank your employees for their accomplishments and performance and reward them. There are many interesting and creative alternative forms of reward that don’t involve money and which […]

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Why is international quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 important to running your business efficiently and effectively ?

What is ISO 9001:2008 ? ISO 9001:2008 is the internationally recognised and respected standard for the quality management system of businesses, based on 8 quality management system principles in line with the International Standards Organisation (ISO).  ISO 9001:2008 is a set of strategic tools and guidelines to help your company tackle some of the most […]

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5 Top Tips on How to Improve Staff Retention

One of the keys to reducing employee turnover is to try to understand what motivates each member of staff, provide the corporate support needed to keep them happy and stay in touch with what their needs are.

While all this will often require going through a learning curve, and there is usually no one-size-fits-all HR approach, there are some tips that hold true for any company wishing to learn how to improve staff retention rates.

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Key issues to consider when recruiting overseas

Whether a business is looking to employ foreign workers to fill “shortage occupation” vacancies, facilitate a transfer from an overseas branch of the organisation or to perform jobs that require a specific skillset not available in the UK, there are a myriad of issues you will encounter while recruiting from abroad. It is important to […]

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How To Keep Your Staff Motivated

One of the more critical tasks of Human Resource Management (HRM) is assessing individual and group behaviour. Successful HRM improves the match between individuals and the jobs they do, increasing worker output. This is equally true for workplace teams. The overall quality of this match ultimately influences job performance, operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and employee turnover. While […]

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Five Steps to Help Integrate Temporary or Contract Staff

Integrating temporary or contract staff into your business can sometimes be a tricky situation as generally temps are hired to fulfil a very specific task for a set period of time.

In an ideal work environment, temporary staff would seamlessly integrate with permanent workers for enhanced output and efficiency. However, the realities of workplace dynamics often cause problems stemming from unplanned interactions between core long-term workers and peripheral temporary staff.

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