New Year, New Job, New You! Top 5 CV Tips To Get You Noticed In 2018!

Ten Live CV tipsTop 5 CV Tips To Get You Noticed In 2018!

Writing a CV always takes care. This is the case whether you are starting from scratch or updating your details. Read our top 5 CV tips to help you create the right impression and help yours get to the top of the pile!

#1 Do an audit of your current CV – be honest, be brutal! Decide what should stay on your CV and what really should go. Not sure what to get rid of in your CV? Start with the back-end of your CV first. HR managers, recruiters and hiring managers want to know who you are and what you can do TODAY. They rarely want to look further back at a career history more than 15 years, unless those older positions are extremely relevant to the job they are currently hiring for. Make sure your CV focuses on your most current experience and achievement  

#2 Get noticed! #Didyouknow? HR managers and recruiters only spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual CV! First impressions really do count. The top third of your first page is still what matters most. Hiring managers won’t even bother to read the whole document if the top third doesn’t catch their eye – look at Pinterest for inspiration for layouts and fonts!


#3 One of the major trends that are likely to continue is the focus on key skills and achievements. Not what your new employer can do for you, but what you can do for them!  Look at your past year’s performance and update your CV make sure you include and highlight your most recent achievements, certifications, any newly acquired skills in your 2018 CV

#4 Include metrics – show how YOU made a difference to your previous employers’ business successes. Use concrete examples and quantify them with stats (revenue, efficiencies/goals achieved, new customers..)- you’ll really paint a picture of how you can help your prospective boss boost their business. Show you are a person who is capable of leading a team, managing clients, or growing the business

#5 Customise your CV and covering lettering to the job you’re applying for! Do NOT send generic covering and letters – they will go straight in the bin! Make sure you answer all of the job requirements. Check your spelling & grammar! Update your contact information. Use these CV tips to make your CV the best it can be to get you and get a step ahead of your competition in the New Year!

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