Is A 4 Day Working Week Good For Business?

Can you get the same amount of work done in 4 days than what you could in 5? Companies wish to introduce a 4 day working week into practice!

Many countries are adapting to the 4 day working week. This will allow the focus to be on levels of productivity among staff. Also, why it will benefit the employers. At a glance, it sounds stressful trying to cram an extra day’s working split over 4 days.

For that reason, a company in New Zealand has just trialed a 4-day week. Now, the boss at Perpetual Guardian wants to make it permanent. The company did an experiment was conducted earlier last year to see what it would be like for 240-person staff to retain full pay as well as a three-day weekend. This would be allowing them to work just four full days a week.

What the trail showed:

As a result, productivity increased within staff, stress levels were lowered and a work/life balance was significantly improved. Job performance is key and the fact it was maintained during the experiment shows that the trail was a huge success. Likewise, staff can be motivated with the incentive of having an extra day off to do what they couldn’t do due to work.

Look at the Perspectives:

From an employer’s perspective, it shows passion, enthusiasm and determination of employees. It encourages them to proactively get their work done with minimal distractions. Giving staff a deadline to work towards will motivate staff more to have excellent time management and prioritise their workload efficiently.

Focusing on your work/life balance is vital. Having a healthy balance between your professional and personal life will work wonders on people’s mental health. Working 4 days instead of 5 could be a trend which will help businesses in the future. Because Spreading the workload across 4 days shows that results can be delivered. It may not work for every business even more it would be interesting to see how this will motivate staff and how much of the workload will be accomplished in the 4 days.

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